Blockchain database cloud project by Sunny King, the creator of Proof of Stake.
Blockchain database cloud project by Sunny King, the creator of Proof of Stake.
V SYSTEMS is a blockchain database cloud by Sunny King, creator of Proof of Stake. Led by Sunny King, V SYSTEMS gathers a team of data experts who’ve previously held senior roles in global companies including Oracle, Accenture, VMWare, Google, Nomura, UBS etc. Over 80% of our team is specializing in R&D. The project is on a mission to use consensus algorithm innovation and distributed database cloud platform to solve the scalability and stable performance issues in the blockchain industry, through bringing the world's first general-purpose decentralized database with objective data type. VSYS Coin holders can not only HODL their coins, but also lease the coins to Supernodes for coin minting, giving coin owners a steady source of revenue as a return. In the future, VSYS Coins will also be used to support the development and use of smart contract and decentralized applications, as well as to purchase resources on V SYSTEMS such as computation power and memory. VSYS Coin is already listed on several of the world's top leading exchanges, including Bitfinex and KuCoin.
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2019-01-25 - 2019-03-15
2019-01-25 - 2019-03-15

Estimated Value

$2 USD

Tokens Per Claim





Step-by-Step Guide:

How to participant(Use Smart Airdrop assistant below):

1. Join V SYSTEMS Telegram channel.

2. Follow our official account on Twitter.

3. Like our pinned tweet.

4. Retweet our tweet.

5. Submit your V SYSTEM wallet address.

6. Complete our KYC.

Your Twitter account must be created before the airdrop and has a minimum of 100 followers.

All VSYS Coins will be distributed 45 days after this airdrop finishes.


- You must complete all requirement to receive the coins for airdrop.

- Participants eligibility: Non-Chinese Citizens.

- Current V SYSTEMS Twitter followers or Telegram group members are not eligible for the airdrop.

- Using bot or similar mechanism will forfeit your eligibility for the airdrop.

- General:

Spam and advertising other projects in the V SYSTEMS Telegram group will result in permanent ban from all exclusive airdrops. Please do not discuss airdrop related topics in the V SYSTEMS Telegram group. Claiming the airdrop with multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. If we detect multiple claims the respective users will be banned from all our running and upcoming exclusive airdrops and lose all their rewards without any notification. People who already participated in previous VEE / V SYSTEMS airdrops are not allowed to join.


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