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Promoting your crypto projects
can be quite frustrating

Implement and design rules

Where to start to make an awesome Airdrop for my project?
Which social platform should we have the user to engage?
Hmm... Let's ask them to join our Telegram Group first, so what's next?
Jeez, why this has to be so complicated!!!

Prepare for promotion

Let see, Bitcointalk, official site, Airdrop platform, Telegram, Twitter...
We need to prepare different promotional materials for different platforms,
make adjustment to the images for social sharing, as well as landing pages.
Comon, give us a break!!!

Track engagement and tasks

How can we track thousands of users participant in our airdrop?
Wait, the followers on our Twitter does not match the number on Google sheet?
Why the completed task are not reflected on our official site?
Errr, I’m seeing stars…

Get more engagement

No one’s participating my airdrops :(
The cost of getting a decent amount of impression is too much to bear.
We are getting nowhere with our great project.
What should we do?

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Publish your airdrops on Freecoin Hunt, we've got you covered

Step by Step Guide for Airdrop

Follow our step-by-step guide to create an airdrop, simple and easy.


What you see is what you get,each module can be previewed instantly, doubling your efficiency.

Promotional material automation

Once you provide the information for your project, everything(project introduction, landing page etc.)will be automatically generated. You may share them across the social platforms with one click.

Airdrop performance & engagement report

Our system will automatically track users' engagement and progress and generate the performance report, export the list of most engaged users. We will also support Airdrop automation in the future, no more countless man hours to spend on designing and tracking your airdrops.


We have constructed a systematic anti-cheat program to eliminate cheating users and make your budget reasonable.

Largest Airdrop platform in the world with 2 million unique visits per month.

Freecoin Hunt has drawn 2 million unique visitors per month. With multiple promotional channels including Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, VK, Web, Email and text messages, we are here to help your project to achieve the success you deserve.

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