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White paper

freecoinhunt wihte paper tip iconProject Overview

Cryptocurrency, the investment frenzy attracts various scammers to prey on investors’ greed.

We understand how crucial it is for people to make an informed decision before investing;

At Freecoin Hunt, we bring you various Airdrops and Bounties so you can engage with the projects and get to know them better;

That way you don’t miss out on any potential profits, and you don’t need to worry about blindly jumping into crypto and lost your investments.

It usually takes some time for participants to receive their free tokens after Airdrops.

That’s why we are introducing FCH so you can get your profit early;

Double your profit without spending extra time and energy;

Mining with F energy, get your tokens even offline.

freecoinhunt wihte paper tip iconEconomic System

freecoinhunt white economic system image

freecoinhunt wihte paper tip iconPart 1: Freecoin Hunt

Your news medium for Airdrops, bounties, and awards


Airdrops are the free tokens distributed to the crypto community:

1. Users may need to complete some simple tasks

2. Users may be required to hold certain cryptocurrencies.


Bounties are the free tokens distributed to the crypto community:

Users may need to complete relatively more complex tasks


Awards are the promotional giveaways periodically given by the crypto projects, which involves both token and physical goods.

freecoinhunt wihte paper tip iconPart 2: F Energy

The means to generate FCH

How does it work?

In the formula, C as in the daily distribution of FCH; n as in the F Energy that a user has; m as in the total F energy that all the users have.

Smart Contract: Hourly generated
More F Energy in community means more FCH to be generated hourly;
Early participants get more chances to collect FCH;
FCH generates even when users offline;

How to get more F energy

Follow the guide of Energy List to get more F Energy:

  • Invite your friendsUnlimited
  • Check in1~5 F Energy/day
  • View projects' details30 F Energy/day
  • Share projects10 F Energy/day
  • Add Freecoin Hunt to your bookmarks10 F Energy/day
  • Follow us on Twitter/Facebook/Telegram15 F Energy/day

If you are a social influencer, great! You may invite more people to join Freecoin Hunt and get more F Energy. The best part is you can even receive F Energy when the people you’ve invited send the invites to their friends!

freecoinhunt wihte paper tip iconPart 3: FCH

The official token of Freecoin Hunt

The Value of FCH

FCH can be freely traded and exchanged
The estimated value of 1 FCH is $0.1 when traded on the exchange
The total supply of FCH will be 2 billion
The FCH will disappear if not collected within 48 hrs after generation

How is FCH used

Exchange for money You may withdraw your FCH or trade on the crypto exchange.
Get exclusive airdrops Users who hold FCH can participant in exclusive airdrops from our partners in the future.
Project collaboration Projects may purchase FCH on the market for project promotion & collaboration on Freecoin Hunt.
More opportunities We will continuously develop the value of FCH by expanding its real-world application.

FCH distribution

55% - Community & miner reward

This portion of FCH will be rewarded to the users who actively engaged in the development of FCH’s ecosystem and contributed to the Freecoin Hunt community.

25% - FCH foundation

This portion of FCH will be used for development of FCH’s ecosystem and will not be traded on the market.

8% - Operation expenses

This portion of FCH will be used to cover marketing consult, security & financial audit and other advisory fees.

8% - Team motivation

With the expansion of the FCH in the future, we will need to recruit more talent. This portion of the FCH will be awarded to the team members to reinforce team’s focus and interest.

4% - Founders

To maintain the core team’s stability, the founders will be awarded for 4% of the FCH, which will be locked for 36 months.

FCH distribution schedule

2019-01-01 00:00:00 UTC 2019-07-01 00:00:00 UTC

freecoinhunt wihte paper tip iconPart 4: Exchange FCH to USD

2 ways to exchange your FCH to USD

freecounhunt icon1. Withdrawal

Before launching on crypto exchange, you may exchange your FCH to USD and withdraw the funds (The development of withdrawal function will be completed soon and estimated to go live within 1-2 weeks).

We believe word of mouth is the best marketing for us, so that's why we pull all the fundings for the original marketing plan to give back to our community. At the early stages, we will use our marketing budget to fund the withdrawal. In the near future, the advertising(all ads will be clearly labeled) and other revenue will be used to fund the withdraw. Your completion of daily quests would be huge support for us.

Please note that displayed USD amount in relation to FCH withdrawal is only an estimated amount/value. It does not represent the actual exchange rate between FCH and USD. Ultimately, our funding status shall govern the exchange rate.

freecounhunt icon2. Trade on the crypto exchange

After FCH is launched on a crypto exchange, you may trade it for USD, BTC, ETH, and many other cryptocurrencies.

We hope to list FCH on the crypto market after we have a certain amount of users. In that, the more user you invite to Freecoin Hunt, the earlier we will list it on crypto exchange!

As of this time, FCH can only be sent to personal FCH account, for hold or withdrawal.

We are working diligently to launch FCH on the main chains. In the future, the remaining FCH in users’ account will be sent to their wallets.

Please be informed that we are unable to guarantee the value of FCH after listing due to unexpected market fluctuation.

Future of the Freecoin Hunt

Airdrops & Bounties

You will get the most updated information on the latest Airdrops and Bounties.

News for BlockChain

The latest news and technical breakout of Blockchain technology.

Marketing solutions for business

In the future, we will also provide customized Airdrops and Bounties marketing solutions to businesses. We help you promote your product so you can focus on perfecting it.

Crypto Assets Management

In the future, you will be able to manage your wallet and get the latest update for the cryptocurrency market here. We will also build a tool that helps you manage your investments from the airdrop to the final transaction.

freecoinhunt roadmap icon Roadmap


Project initiation




Blockchain News

Data migration to main chain Marketing solution



Crypto Assets Management

Crypto exchange listing